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Funding Opportunity. The Russian Studies Program announces the Mirza Award for Excellence in Russian. This award provides $4,000 in support for a summer-long

Russian. Back to all Languages and Programs. Explore multimedia stories about the NSLI-Y Russian summer and academic year programs on NSLI-Y Interactive!

Acquire an understanding of Russian culture and history in a global context and develop fluency in Russian language and literature. Developing a sophisticated

The Russian Program at SFSU has been in existence since 1953. The program offers courses in language acquisition, culture and literature. We offer exceptional

Welcome to the Russian Program “Krugozor”. Russian Program is a non-profit after-college program with Russian language immersion classes for s ages 3 to 15.

Get DIRECTV Russian TV Package & Watch Russian TV: News, Sports, TV Shows, Movies & more. For Deals + Free Installation, Call 1-800-701-0196.

Dear parents and ren, Welcome to the Russian Program “Krugozor” in Berkeley, CA. Russian Program at the Firecracker Academy is a non-profit after-college

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Russian Program. Fact Sheet; The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature offers up to ten semesters of instruction in Russian language,

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Russian is the official language of 148 million people in the Russian Federation. It is also an invaluable tool for anyone interested in the newly independent

“Terra Tv”, Russian channel dedicates a program to Christian Frattima and “Coin du Roi” opera company.

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