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Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, is the ritual removal of some or all of the external female genitalia.

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FGM or female circumcision involves partial or complete removal of outer female genitalia. Here’re some pictures of female circumcision before and after.

May 18, 2009 · A painful ancient ritual – Female Circumcision Carlos Muina. BRUTAL Female Genital Mutilation Happening to American teens – Duration: 7:14.

Female genital cutting. Female genital cutting (FGC), sometimes called female circumcision or female genital mutilation, means piercing, cutting, removing, or sewing

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Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a procedure where the female genitals are deliberately cut, injured or changed, but where there’s no medical reason for this to be

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Big News on Genital Mutilation. Includes blogs, Florida Man Has Best Excuse Ever For Being Naked At Car Wash; at least “female circumcision” should be abandoned.

Photos of Kenyan teens being circumcised in a tribal ceremony have highlighted the stark reality faced by those who experience female genital mutilation (FGM).

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Female General Mutilation is on the rise in the U.S., experts say. So why hasn’t there been a single prosecution since it was made in 1996?

Warning: graphic content The traditional practice of female genital mutilation within the Pokot tribe, in a village about 80 kilometres from the town of Marigat in

Female Circumcision Pictures at Best Gore. Incredibly Graphic Video, Image and Movie Galleries of Blood. Best Gore is intended for adult audiences.

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