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This is the under belly of a snake. Notice one has a double row of of our non-venomous snake scales will divide into 2 rows after it passes the Anal

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The scale that lies next to the first scale in this row is the first ventral. You count backwards until the last scale before the anal plate. Body scale counts

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Eastern Milk Snake. Gray or tan with a row of brown or reddish brown blotches edged in black. Slender and medium sized with smooth scales and single anal plate.

How to Count Body Scales Dorsal Scale Counts. These are counted one head length behind the head, one head length in front of the anal scale and at midbody.

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In snakes, the anal scale (or anal plate) is the scale just in front of and covering the cloacal opening. This scale can be either single (“anal entire”) or paired

Tricks for IDENTIFYING SNAKES Between the stripes there are often red blotches or a double row of Garter snake anal plates– the large scale or

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Snake scales are also to be found as motifs Sometimes there is a special row of large scales along the top of the This anal scale may be single or divided

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Undertail Scaling – all snakes have a single row of scales along their bellies. The anal plate is the scale covering the anal vent.

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